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Hi. I'm Karyn O'Brien, owner of Setting Up Shop.

I know retail fitout inside and out – and that means that I know the pitfalls to watch out for and the tricks of the trade. My comprehensive 10-step guide will help you successfully open up your own store.

I’ve been working in retail for over 20 years now and I have opened literally hundreds of shops for all kinds of clients – from 10 square-metre coffee kiosks to 1500 square-metre boutique grocers, nationally franchised gym chains to award-winning Chef’s Hat restaurants.

I’ve set up shop for butchers, bakers, and artisan coffee makers! I’ve worked on projects that cost as little as $20,000 right up to $7.5 million. I’ve worked to set up shops everywhere from huge shopping centres to boutique stores in heritage buildings on old street corners.

SOme of the brands I've helped set up shop

THe big names and franchises you know

From Bank of Queensland branches to gym franchises, clothing brands that are household names to Boost Juice and The Coffee Club, I've helped lots of big name retailers, food businesses and more successfully set up their shops. 


restaurants, cafés and eateries

I've helped set up shop for burger joints and Mexican restaurants, fine dining restaurants and coffee houses. And so much more! From Montrachet to Atelier, Sushi Nori to La Macelleria, I've helped purveryors of all the delicious meals you can imagine bring their dreams to life.

Boutique stores and galleries

From quirky, boutique stores like King Street's Artisan to galleries and Metro Arts, I've helped creatives achieve their vision (sometimes with only a very small budget to work with!).

...and almost every other kind of shop under the sun

In my 20 years, I've seen (and helped build) it all...from a quirky combivan servery to a burger joint with action figures all over the ceiling. I know how to get you from the dream in your head to an actual bricks and mortar store.

The how-to guide that helps you avoid major pitfalls and budget blowouts, explains the confusing terms and helps you prepare for each stage of opening a shop.

With the checklists and worksheets in this guide, you’ll be better informed, more confident and able to project manage the successful opening of your own store.

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