What Can a Project Manager Do For Me?

…In one sentence… ‘Make your life easier’.

To elaborate, a Project Manager is your go-to organiser, co-ordinator, sounding board, advisor and friend to share the ups and downs with during a retail shop fitout.

If you’re new to opening a shop in Brisbane, or have opened a location before and realised that you need help, a Project Manager can assist you by taking care of every aspect of the fitout process to achieve the best outcome for your needs.

Specifically, a Project Manager will help make your life easier by:

Planning the Shop Fit Out

We will assist you with planning every detail of your fit out, consider things you haven’t thought of, document and co-ordinate the process, go with you to your tenancy inspections, design and shopfitting meetings, all to support you so that you can make informed decisions along the way.

Connecting you with Industry Experts

The benefit of having years of experience (15+ for Setting Up Shop), is that a Project Manager has tried and tested many designers, shopfitters, furnishing stores and more. It cuts the trial and error process out for small business owners, ensuring that you are presented with reliable tradespeople and providers, that are briefed to understand your budget, vision and requirements clearly.

Delivering Balance and Value for Money

Generally, or most simply, projects have 3 main components – time, price and quality. The old maxim is that you can only have 2 out of the 3, so Fast and Good, but expensive; Cheap and Fast, but poor quality etc. The new way of thinking is that you balance the 3 elements to deliver the best value for your needs, meaning a Project Manager has to assess the key drivers for the project, and work out how to deliver across all 3 of the elements rather than completely discounting one of them.

Want to find out how a Project Manager can assist you? Book a consultation with Setting Up Shop Here.

Or to find out more about the tailored service we offer our clients, head to our tenancy coordination and project management pages.

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