At Setting Up Shop we know retail fitout inside and out. That's why we wrote a book to help tenants with every step of opening a shop, called:

How to Open a Shop, Café or Restaurant in 10 Steps:

The guide that demystifies the entire process from planning to opening day.

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This guide can help you:

Save money

This comprehensive 10-step guide will teach you how to set a budget for your shop fitout (and help you stick to it as well). By enabling you to project manage your own shop fitout and teaching you to avoid some costly pitfalls, this guide can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars!

Ensure Quality

You will learn the right questions to ask your trades and designer to ensure your vision is communicated and to help you achieve a quality fitout. With a guide and checklist to help you check for defective work that needs to be remedied, this guide helps you check for and ensure a quality build.


Thanks to careful explanations throughout the guide and its handy comprehensive glossary, you will learn all the jargon and confusing terms to help you communicate with your trades, landlord and designer. The guide also explains each step of the lease negotiation, design and build phases and more to keep you informed and empowered.

Reduce stress

By guiding you every step of the way – and dividing the work into manageable chunks step-by-step – this guide will help reduce your stress and keep you on track to a successful opening day. Opening up a shop is a complicated process, and this guide will help you navigate the challenges ahead.


From setting a budget to negotiating the terms of your lease, learning how to get tenders from your shopfitters (the specialist builder you need to bring your shop to life) and brief your designer, this guide will help you tackle each step of opening a shop with confidence. With this guide by your side, you'll find the complicated business of opening a shop manageable!

This step-by-step guide is filled with tips and realistic advice from someone who knows shop fitout inside and out (that’s me!). I wrote this 10-step guide to walk you through everything you need to know about opening a shop, café or restaurant – from how to find the right premises to finding a designer and setting a realistic budget.

Karyn O'Brien
Author +
Owner and Fitout Expert at Setting Up Shop

The how-to guide that helps you avoid major pitfalls and budget blowouts, explains the confusing terms and helps you prepare for each stage of opening a shop.

With the checklists and worksheets in this guide, you’ll be better informed, more confident and able to project manage the successful opening of your own store.

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Who is the guide for? What's in it for you?

Have you been wondering how to open a shop, cafe or restaurant? Then this is the how-to guide for you ... it explains everything you need to know to go from planning/dreaming to open day.

With this guide by your side, you'll learn to set a budget and stick to it, review your lease, plan the build of your shop, learn about the professionals you will need to employ along the way, and much, much more.

This comprehensive guide will help anyone who is dreaming of opening up a shop, café or restaurant to learn all the steps required to open and fitout their store (fitout is the term for everything you have to build inside the walls of the shop to create your physical store, from shelves and floor finishes to signage and electrical wiring).

This 10-step guide will help you avoid the major pitfalls and stressors and will teach you all the jargon you need to communicate with your landlord, designer, trades and more.

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